djangocms_installer package


djangocms_installer.compat module


djangocms_installer.main module


djangocms_installer.utils module

class djangocms_installer.utils.chdir(new_path)[source]

Bases: object

Context manager for changing the current working directory


Returns val as integer or as escaped string according to its value :param val: any value :return: formatted string


Converts the current version to the next one for inserting into requirements in the ‘ < version’ format

djangocms_installer.utils.query_yes_no(question, default=None)[source]

Ask a yes/no question via raw_input() and return their answer.

  • question – A string that is presented to the user.
  • default – The presumed answer if the user just hits <Enter>. It must be “yes” (the default), “no” or None (meaning an answer is required of the user).

The “answer” return value is one of “yes” or “no”.

Code borrowed from cookiecutter

djangocms_installer.utils.supported_versions(django, cms)[source]

Convert numeric and literal version information to numeric format

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